One of Australia's leading embroidery factories supplying quality textiles and embroidery to both the retail and wholesale sectors. We embroider for many of your favourite sports teams, major corporations such as phone companies, television studios, major sporting events, car companies, government, and other corporate clothing and merchandise providers.

Our equipment is state-of-the-art computer controlled utilising the latest application software. Our expertise can turn your existing logo to an embroidered work of art. Our expert staff will ensure your your business, private or corporate needs are met. We can advise on size, logo design, colours, material textures, brand, style as well as keeping you up-to-date with the latest fashion trends.

We can embroider up to 57 shirts and 18 caps at one time, allowing us to process hundreds of designs and diverse items daily enabling us to easily keep up with customer demands.


We can embroider any kind of clothing and we specialise in corporate and sponsor clothing. Our catalogue includes such items as blazers, jackets, coats, business shirts, polo shirts, sports jerseys, caps, hat bands, beanies, bags and badges. We can embroider the back of jackets up to 40cm across.

Whatever your needs we are sure to satisfy with quality. All our product is machine washable and will often outlast the fabric substrate to which it is attached. We use only the finest quality local as well as imported embroidery threads and brand named clothing.